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darrens web page full of stuff to help people in health wealth & life in general

darrens web page full of stuff to help people in health wealth & life in general

We need Mindfulness and Meditation


We need Mindfulness and Meditation

The stresses of life one way or another we all get stressed and it seems to be the modern world. When I was a child my grandparents or parents for that matter never seemed to rave on about the stress they were under, or where things then just different less complicated? Most people in the 50s and sixties were in unions working in factories, back in the older days food was very scarce money was short but there were not as many brainwashing distractions or advertisements.

I remember as a kid after purchasing a black and white television from my scouts jumble sale plugging it in in my bedroom waiting for the unit to warm up, to eventually get a screen watching snooker having being told that the narrator is telling everyone with a black and white tv that the brown is next to the red ball.

Watching the pixels on the tv set marveling over my zx81 with 1k of memory smelling the back of the tv hoping it does not catch on fire!

Not like today when you want your son or daughter to help you’re lucky to get a grunt from them thinking they are so hard done by life in this generation.

They will come down for there dinner and you have to at least shout and scream at them for at least 20 minutes. When they finally come downstairs they tell you they don’t want the food that’s provided on the table or telling you that they need the next generation clothes or games console, not to mention the obscene price of the games.

Is it our fault for allowing the offspring of families to be the way they are? Or is it having us told nowadays that you can’t discipline your own child. Authorities for many years have seen children and young adults forced on the streets carrying knives and doing unspeakable crimes stealing just to afford to live! The cost of living not to mention food and necessities have gone up dramatically, the police force cut so they can’t even handle the break-in’s that occur on a daily basis, not to mention that me personally have had my van broken into three times resulting in £14.500 in loss causing me to full on hard times and worrying about monthly bills and supporting my family even though I have a full-time job and other projects in place.

I myself have turned to spiritual believes due to certain experiences in life that have happened to me and are still ongoing.

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After all this I have found a coping mechanism that works for me, there is a wide range of meditation technics weather you are listing to music, going to church or taking the dog out for a walk. This is all good natural meditation and should be implemented into your daily life for helping and maintaining a good mindset and well being. I am not saying this is the answer to all problems but as long as it helps you in life cope with daily struggles then this is all that matters right?

I myself use the focus of breathing and meditation through the chakras, I find this helps my stress and I almost loose time its self, you could be meditating for 5minutes and think you’ve have been sitting there for an hour or even meditate for an hour and think you have only been doing it for 5 minutes.

Here below are a few links if you want to get started. I hope that this will help you with your de-stressing of life and help find the better you for the future of what’s to come because one thing for sure, the rat race is only going to get faster in this modern world. If we don’t learn now how to cope with stress how are we going to pass this knowledge onto our children friends and family for the generations to come? As the climate of the world and weather are forever changing not to mention the stresses of world conflict of other nations there is always the threat of spiritual entities or even alien phenomena that could come into play. President Trump is building the first space force army on public display maybe this is a sign of things to come who knows…

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