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WATCH: Biden projected to win Michigan Democratic primary


WATCH: Biden projected to win Michigan Democratic primary

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WATCH: Biden projected to win Michigan Democratic primary

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Transcript for Biden projected to win Michigan Democratic primary

We do have breaking news right now ABC news can now project that Joseph Biden. Is expected to win the Michigan democratic primary this is huge news tonight. Joseph Biden ABC news camp project will win the Michigan democratic primary. With 52% of the vote game he has a double digit lead this is gonna change the makeup of the delegates this was the biggest hall tonight. And Jill Biden went to state that police Sanders won in a very. Headline worthy fashion. Four years ago this is gonna mean a lot for Joseph Biden’s momentum as to mean a lot for a battleground state Heidi hi camp this is this is the kind of news Democrats want. Joseph Biden wins here. Voters stood by him. And Michigan is a state where it’s gonna be a battleground come November and it’s also see where you have urban areas of rural voters who have college age voters you have. College towns. An end tonight looks like it was Joseph Biden’s night. Absolutely and I think that the other thing that you’ve got is you’ve got more momentum. You know in Wisconsin think about Wisconsin Ohio Indiana. All of those states that look a lot like Michigan. I think that it’s going to be very very difficult for senator Sanders. To overcome the momentum that use each. With a double digit lead not you know. I think last week we weren’t even predicting that were safe if Joseph Biden can win looks like he’s gonna win Michigan with a very comfortable margin. And let’s go to Eva pilgrim now in response to this win the for Biden in Michigan which was really a crucial win. Okay critical witness for Joseph Biden his campaign with telling us earlier today they were expecting to win Michigan. I a double digit lead. They have done a lot of work here they spend equal amounts of money to their Bernie Sanders campaign here and they’ve made lots of visits here. In the the days leading up to this this thing you’ve ever talking about that video. Where he talks about auto worker it they his supporters when you talk to them about. Joseph Biden and his inner action that sometimes it IS members of the media will deem to be in perfect. They look at that and they say of course that’s Joseph Biden they know exactly who he is they recognize that he is not a perfect man and they don’t expect him. To be a perfect man they actually see that something favorable they want him. To be forceful and to racks because they know that this is a person who will eventually have to take on president truck. And in order to do that he is going to have to be somewhat aggressive you guys have talked about voter turnout his campaign. Part of his stump speech at every event sent South Carolina has been about the voter turnout how that voter turnout had been high. In his favor that people are coming out to support Joseph Biden I’ll we talk to people. At events in the last week two weeks a lot of people tells the reason that they’ve been swayed by Joseph Biden is because they feel safe. And secure with hand they know who he is they know what to expect they know. What they’re getting there is no question about who Joseph Biden is. And what he will do what he becomes president guys are either pilgrim thank you for that I just want to make a quick point about the preliminary exit poll that we have. Coming out of Michigan. 64%. Of the voters there. Over 45 years old which also does skew is largely in favor of Joseph Biden. Yet it looks like at least for now corona virus and keep those but those voters at home life but all that data still coming in I wanna go over Nate Silver now from our partners at 538. Kate is seen as we reported that news eyesight just going to tanning your keyboard there I imagine him not in my mind we’re just crunching some numbers there what happens to the Bernie Sanders campaign at this point what can you say. I mean that’s partly up to senator Sanders what they want to do from there are four states totaled almost 600 delegates voting next week there is a debate on Sunday. Clearly he is not getting the results would put them on tracker really that close the track for him to win the nomination react when Mitch good by some margin that you would think. So it’s a matter of can you have as bigger shift as you had with his record shift toward Biden the past two weeks I mean even then. By the time we get to next week we’ll have had 60% don’t it’s already voted so far so it’s getting to be very very late today for the senator from Vermont. All right Nate Silver said you want to bring in our political team Rick Klein and Mary Alice parks from Washington recline at wanna go to you first tonight we just projected Michigan. That’s gonna go to Jill glided a huge momentum when friend what does this mean for the state of the race in your opinion. Not a sexy with a Sanders aide earlier tonight considers all the if they really is all about Michigan they were anticipating a rough night but they were hoping against hope that they would pull off in Michigan they thought that the ground gaming organizations spending advantage that he had their. We’ll be worth a couple of points and put him over the edge that appears not to be the case tonight and I’ve seen aid is now recognizing that reality there’s going to be some regrouping. In circles around the sanders’ campaign they are pointing to that debate coming. This weekend and of course the contest next week with about doesn’t get easier from here. This was an absolute must win state for Bernie Sanders symbolically important substantively important the biggest one on the map today a big November battleground. And to see that Joseph Biden come in and start to eat away at the Sanders voters white working class voters included. He’s a devastating blow to Bernie Sanders campaign. Mary Alice parks you’ve covered the sanders’ campaign inside and out you were there four years ago when he won this state in Michigan you’re you’re take tonight with standards losing. Michigan. Yet Michigan four years ago surprise this editor we were flying from Michigan to Florida. We land did add to the news that he hadn’t won in Michigan. And the team scrambled to find a podium for him to edge arrest. The reporters. They were for real that they basically drank around a campfire all night celebrating Michigan as this state that gave their campaign. More light spend more time for years ago and no doubt they’re hoping for the exact same story out of tonight. You know there really to divide in the Democratic Party that they were hoping we’re gonna play in their favor. The age divide that I was talking about earlier and that divide still is overwhelmingly plank in their favor. But the other devised frankly was more of a class divide a working class vote a blue collar vote and hasn’t been talking about all night that was really the vote that. That propelled him to victory four years ago in Michigan. But where Joseph Biden is — Billy his most natural competitor in that space a real rival that is winning that vote this time. Mary Alice did a white person do want to bring in Adam green again from progressive change campaign committee. Adam I got a question for you so walk me through the strategy now you sit you want to see that debate. Next week in Arizona it’s going to be one of the states that votes next Tuesday. Because you wanna see the matchup and that’s would forward it wants as well Bernie Sanders first Joseph Biden if Joseph Biden is the eventual nominee. What is the benefit of a possibly guarding him heated debate. Yes there’s there’s no benefit and gutting candidate debate there is a benefit game having a whoever the democratic nominee is. Stand the test of time actually want to company campaign. You know. Deal with the rigors of a debate in a campaign for more than a couple days has been one week since Super Tuesday. So I’m not luck we are not a Bernice Sanders endorsing group but we are someone that actually wants to be trump. In order be trump we need someone who can going to debate stage not. You know not lose their cool. Eyes not embarrass themselves and survive afterwards that’s actually it I think I think Joseph Biden would leave a stronger candidate. Again strong. If he does well the debate against Bernie Sanders it’s a good point Elizabeth Warren who endorsed her what do you think her next move is in this race. You know Elizabeth Warren had a very long here and she deserves her time to figure out her her next apps but what we already saw today. Is that she is taking. A leadership role on this corona virus situation. I mean she is calling out the corruption of the trump administration. Not allowing people to get tested apparently now giving tax breaks of the fossil fuel industry for some reason. I’m and that you know she’s demanding that there be accountability. And as a people get hurt. Because trump wants to keep the numbers low one how many people get tested. And are diagnosed are I think that on issues like that we will see and the economic downturn we will see a huge leadership role for Elizabeth Lorraine and she will take the fight to trump all right. Adam thank you I do want to get Matt dowdy on this breaking news now we have less than two minutes before we have to take a network break. You can give me your sense is is is this sort of another political earthquake in this campaign for president on the democratic side. I don’t think it’s an earthquake I think it’s an aftershock from the earthquake from South Carolina the earthquake happened and then now we’ve seen a ripple affection aftershocks. Since that point in time I think did there’s been a perfect storm has benefited. Joseph Biden and I think you’re Bernie Sanders had after tonight has to really ask himself some serious questions I’m not convinced that the — happened on Sunday I’m not convinced. It will happen but if it does happen. Bernie Sanders has to ask himself. I’ll go to that debate do I go to that debate. And try to rip into bright Joseph Biden which a lot of Democrats at this point in time are going to be very upset about because they’re gonna think after tonight. He’s going to be the nominee right do I go into that debate even if I do the debate. And just present the sort of progressive argument and not attacked Joseph Biden so I think this thing is it’s moved to cross you could have a better time and I think what we saw. Tom is that the combination of corona virus with South Carolina and with the melting stock down. This meant melting stock market. Cause voters to say what leader do we want in a crisis and the leader they decided to choose in a crisis was somebody debuted his calm and steady inexperienced. All of that benefited as this way was moving all of that moment. Benefited Joseph Biden. All right Matt Dowd on his perspective with the breaking news when following ABC news project in Michigan.

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