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The troubling footage has prompted big sports names like Dez Bryant, Jameer Nelson, and Phil Martelli to speak out.

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  • Troubling videos of former NBA journeyman Delonte West recently surfaced and took the world of sports by storm.
  • The clips appear to show West getting beaten in the middle of the street and cursing at police officers as they attempt to get more information from the handcuffed 36-year-old.
  • Big names from across the sports world — including Dez Bryant, Jameer Nelson, Phil Martelli, and even the NBA itself — voiced concern about West and pledged to help him and his family. 
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Troubling footage of former NBA journeyman Delonte West that circulated on social media has prompted some big names across the world of sports to pledge their assistance.

In one clip, West — who has a well-documented history of mental-health and drug-related struggles — is seen getting stomped on in the middle of the street during a physical altercation with an unknown person. According to TMZ, a witness told police that West initiated the confrontation by attacking the other man with a glass bottle.

—Measha⚡️ (@N90sKindOfWorld) January 20, 2020

In another clip, the nine-year NBA vet is seen sitting on a curb while handcuffed. As police officers attempt to ascertain what happened during the fight, West repeatedly curses at them and refuses to cooperate.

—Maybe: Damani (@damani_givens) January 21, 2020

Basketball fans on the internet voiced their concern over the “heartbreaking” videos and called on the NBA to intervene, while some prominent names in the world of sports chimed in with messages of support.

Former NBA player Jameer Nelson wrote a note reiterating his support for his college teammate:

—Jameer Nelson (@jameernelson) January 21, 2020

Similarly, West and Nelson’s former college coach Phil Martelli called the situation “so very painful” and said he was working to find help for West and his family.

—Phil Martelli (@PhilMartelli) January 21, 2020

Former star Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant also shared a message on Twitter and said he would “figure out how I can help him.”

—Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) January 21, 2020

—Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) January 21, 2020

Several sports journalists weighed in as well:

—Clevis Murray (@ClevisMurray) January 21, 2020

—Chris Martin Palmer (@ChrisPalmerNBA) January 21, 2020

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—Michael Eaves (@michaeleaves) January 21, 2020

According to TMZ, the NBA itself “has and is offering to support West and his family.” West’s former agent Aaron Goodwin also told TMZ that West’s friends and family were supportive but needed assistance in keeping the NBA veteran out of trouble.


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