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Bmmpr One.

Mark Matousek/Business Insider

Car accessories fly under the radar at the Consumer Electronics Show, but this year and last, there were a few that caught my attention.

This year, it was the Bmmpr One, which can detect when your car has been damaged, stolen, or towed and send an alert to your phone. The device is placed beneath a car’s steering wheel and can be installed in three minutes, Bmmpr, the company that makes Bmmpr One, says. It works with nearly any car, according to the company.

After the Bmmpr One is installed and you download the Bmmpr app, you’ll be notified if your car is hit by an object or vehicle, broken into, stolen, or towed. You can adjust the sensitivity of impact the device responds to, so you’re not notified of minor bumps. A Bmmpr representative at CES said a new version of the device will have a camera that will capture the moment of impact.

The device’s GPS function is its best selling point, as it can help you find your car if it’s stolen or you forget where it’s parked. 

The Bmmpr One costs $250 and, after the first year, requires a $25 annual fee. You can order one on Bmmpr’s website.

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