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darrens web page full of stuff to help people in health wealth & life in general

darrens web page full of stuff to help people in health wealth & life in general

Helping! You With Fitness


Helping! You With Fitness

I think in  my opinion what breaks people when they are trying to diet is that we live in a very shallow world when it comes to people’s weight peer pressure what people are saying behind ones back whether it is the internet or here say it effects you as a person it can damage your spirit self esteem and confidence and most importantly your mindset

magazines,films,adverts, and now in the modern age google,Facebook,YouTube,Instagram and other digital platforms

what’s scary is that people believe that you should only be this size and shape when you have probably heard the saying from your elders it take all sorts in this world which is probably right

I think in my opinion that you should live your life to the full the best capacity you can, I know that this is not always easy as certain illness can cause people to put on weight change or disfigure your body and of course when women that have children change as there body has to carry a baby and is not always easy to loose this weight when they have finished having there babies not to mention men and women that try to deal with trauma in Life whether it is dealing with someone you have lost divorce bad luck burden or money worries not to mention growing old.

This has a dramatic effect on you as a person and due to modern times it’s harder and harder to pull your self out of the gutter turning to drink,drugs,narcotics,food,gambling,addiction,obsession, which can create obsessive disorder which can cause people to be impulsive overspend to make yourself feel better I suppose you could call it a false high

but the bottom line is we are not supposed to be living like this where most people houses are chock a block full of items that  you don’t really need where you go to bed at night looking at the clothes overflowing in the wordrobe and the Chester draws and you can’t shut the draws properly or wardrobe no wonder you would get night mares for this as some cultures say that this can cause negative energy that can effect you and your family perhaps when you look into these things you realise that life is more complicated then you think and also that there are things that you just can’t understand take the human mind where even today with all the technology they can only discover what 9-10% is actually doing

where you lie awake worrying about how to pay the next bill tax,utility bills.poll tax, credit card, mortgage, rent then turn to comfort food or drink to make yourself feel better then there’s the dreaded depression just to top up the modern day term stress which most people one way or another are struggling with not to mention watching news on television scare mungering people into changing there opinions in life due to wars negative thoughts and politics it a lot to take on for most people it’s no wonder that  the suicide rate has gone up

perhaps what I am trying to say is that we need a different mind set

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so you are trying to loose weight and might cheat rather then feel bad for yourself learn buy it and as we are humans and we will always make mistakes  in life

focus on that goal that you have set and try to stick to it either buy creating a spread sheet or diary create a reward system so after you have done so many days on a diet then you should treat yourself  to some luxury that you like

I would recommend joining some forum ie. Facebook has thousands  of groups with like minded people and this as a community that can help you build your confidence and self esteem sharing  your stories,goals,achievements and can help iron out any fault,disbelief in yourself,confidence as you are not the only one who is going through this there will be lots of like minded people out there and this will help you get to the place you want to be

I would make sure if you diet you do it on your terms only and that  you commit yourself to the best you can drawing energy from the advice listed above

Iwish you all the best on your adventure in life and hope that these brief comments can help you in life and achieve your goals



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